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All throughout growing up, I can never remember having any family pictures taken with my own family. I don’t have one single picture of my entire family all together, even though I grew up to be a Utah family photographer. My older brother passed away in a very sad accident, and my mother passed away. I have a younger sister that I’m not always on good terms with. We are just starting to rekindle our relationship. My dad has since gotten remarried. I’ve gained 4 new step brothers, 3 new sisters in law, and many nieces and nephews. I have one set of images of my family together in the 30 years I’ve been alive, and those are the images from my wedding almost 15 years ago.

Its been 13 years since my mom passed away, and almost 4 since my brother passed, and I am starting to forget what they looked like. I have many memories of them, but without pictures, their faces are beginning to slip away from me the older I get and the more time passes. And I believe that is one of the biggest tragedies that can ever occur in a child’s life. To lose a parent is hard. But to lose a parent and a sibling, and then not have any pictures to help remember them? That truly is tragic.

Becoming an adult made me realize why family pictures are so important

When I got married and had children, and then later became a family photographer in Utah, I told my husband we would take family pictures every year. Not only do I want to see how my family changed over the years, but I want my children to have that reminder of our family if anything happened to any of us.

This became incredibly more so important to me during my pregnancy with my second child. I endured an immensely difficult pregnancy, and at times felt like I could slip away into nothingness. My body had started to betray me and I could feel myself starting to shut down at times. I was in a very dark place, and often wished my life would end. And if it did, pictures would be all my daughter and husband had left of me. If I could only leave one thing in this world behind for my family, pictures would be the single most important thing I could leave them. I want my children to remember how happy we were as a family, how much we loved each other. And I want my children to be able to remember my face if I ever left them.

Family pictures are more than just….

Family pictures are more than just putting on pretty clothes and taking an hour out of your day to have someone come shoot your pictures, more than just your wife nagging you to smile and put up with it for 30 minutes. Pictures are memories. They are moments captured that will live on. Pictures are visual reminders of your connection and love for each other. Pictures are intimate details that should never be forgotten.

A huge huge thanks to Eva Irene Photographer for my all time favorite family pictures.

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