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The A's to Your Q's.

Do you travel?


Heck yes I do! I live in Logan, Utah, and i travel down to clients in the Salt Lake area all the time. I've also got a long list of places that I want to visit and shoot at, so if you want family pictures somewhere super awesome, let's have a chat! I just ask that you pay for plane tickets, hotel, car rental, etc.

Do you meet with clients before booking?


I am always down to meet up in person before we book anything, or even after you book with me! I like to get a feel for who you are as a family, how you want me to tell your story, what's important to you, and answer any questions you have. However, I do send out a questionnaire to every client with all this information as well. And if you'd rather not meet up in person, we can always set up a Zoom call.

Do you give out RAW files?


Short answer to this question: NO.

Longer answer to this question is 99.999999999999% of the time NO. I don't give out Raw images under any circumstance, unless the need is absolutely dire or I deem it essential. Think of it this way: would a chef at a restaurant give you just the ingredients to a meal without actually taking the time to cook and prepare it? Probably not. The same goes with my images. I don't give out Raw images because they aren't the final product and don't represent my work at all. You also need specific software to be able to even access Raw file types.

What is your turn around time? How many images do I get and how do I recieve them?


For most sessions my turnaround time is 21 business days. I often have many other sessions, design clients, a family to take care of, and other things in my personal life that are usually going on. I hope you'll be understanding of that! If you need images faster than the normal turnaround time, I can do that for an additional fee.

I guarantee 40+ hand edited images in your gallery for family sessions; boudoir sessions vary.

All of my images are provided through a personal online gallery. I'll send you a link, and from there you can download your images, share to social media or with friends and family, and order professional quality prints for your home.

What type of payment do you accept? Why is there sales tax on my invoice?


I accept all major credit cards. Cash and checks are highly discouraged. I hate when checks bounce, and its so awkward having that conversation. If you pay by check, and it bounces, I'll have to charge you a $25 fee. Cash is also discouraged because of sales tax, which many people forget or choose not to pay if they pay with cash.

Since I am a licensed business in the state of Utah, I am required by law to add on sales tax to all of my sessions, design packages, and print products. The money collected for sales tax goes directly to the state; I don't keep any of it. If you don't pay the sales tax, which is more likely to happen if you choose to pay by check or cash, the money for taxes comes out of my pocket. It totally sucks, but its just the way it is.

Orianna O.

I am blown away with the photos Katie took of our family. She made us all feel comfortable being in front of the camera (even my kids who are usually very standoffish around strangers) and I am obsessed with the way they turned out. She captured us so beautifully.

Aly F.

Katie is AMAZING! I was nervous having our family photos taken (with my two wild young kiddos and a newborn) but the images she captured are priceless!

Nina F.

KATIE DESERVES MORE THAN 5 STARS!! She was so fabulous to work with. Boudoir was completely out of my comfort zone but she made it so easy and the pictures turned out better than I could have expected!

I've been told I'm pretty awesome