Heyyyyy I'm Katie

I'm a northern utah family, motherhood, and newborn (and sometimes boudoir) photographer. I'm super into telling intimate and personal family stories. So basically if you want your family's story told in photographs, i'm your girl.

Let me tell you my story

I've been a creative since I was a little girl. But my love for photography started in high school, like a lot of other photographers. When I got married, I purchased my first camera and started shooting everything under the sun. I ended up in weddings somehow and thought that I loved it. 


The summer I got pregnant with my youngest, I had so many awful weddings, and I knew I wanted to get out of them. When my pregnancy ended up being incredibly complicated, I realized that my true calling was family's as I realized that was the most important thing to me in the world. I wanted to share that love of family with my clients, and started to tell other people's stories through my photography.

who am I though?

Most days, you'll find me at the gym boxing or lifting weights, on a daily run to Maverick for an ungodly amount of Diet Coke, running children around to school and activities, reading fantasy, smutty fantasy, or mysteries, and just being a mom in general. 

Personality wise, I'm a true enneagram 8, with adhd and dark sense of humor, with a soft spot for dad jokes. I stand up for what I believe in, and you'd definitely want me on your side in a fist fight against a bear (or any crazy person, really).

Fun facts about me

Harry Potter is my favorite series

I basically bleed Diet Coke

I've played the piano since I was 4 years old

I've watched Vampire Diaries at least 4 times through

 My favorite animal is a wolf and highland cows

I got my degree in Psychology

My dream job is to be an fbi profiler

I got diagnosed with adhd at age 32 and it was life changing

I'm obsessed with weightlifting and boxing

Meet the family





  • wife & mom
  • the real boss
  • the creative

  • daddy
  • engineer
  • the hunter

  • the oldest
  • animal lover
  • the artist

  • the youngest
  • loves makeup
  • the wild one

What's next? Feel like we would be BFFs?

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