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As a Utah family photographer, windy and stormy days are my absolute favorite days to shoot. I love all the movement that it adds to my images. I love windswept hair and flowing dresses. I love the dark, cloudy skies. I feel like it just adds so much more emotion in my images. And my session with the Winchester family was the absolute perfect example of how to wind can work to your advantage in family sessions.

The Winchesters actually used to be my neighbors here in Logan, Utah. And they are just about the most beautiful family around. They have the sweetest children. And Nick and Pree are just the most gorgeous couple. I was so excited when they asked me to be their Utah family photographer before they moved out of state.

We chose to go up into the rolling hills in Wellsville, Utah for our family photography session. It was the absolute perfect location for their session. The golden grass looked amazing with their fall colored clothing. The golden grass against the dark skies was beautiful. We actually got rained on a little bit during our session, but it ended up making for some fun images. This was literally just the most perfect fall family session. Undoubtedly, the stormy and grey clouds added so much depth and emotion to their already amazing images.

Basically, the moral of this story is, don’t let a bit of poor weather make you consider rescheduling your session. Stormy weather (especially stormy weather in Utah) is my absolute favorite kind of weather to shoot in. I promise we will make magic with all the wind, rain, and storm clouds. You ready to book a Utah family photography session with me? Let’s chat!



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