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I first came across Devin on Instagram when I found her account all about farmhouse decor/raising animals/raising family/horses/farming. I know that’s a lot, but it is seriously the best account. You can see all her cute content here! We had talked a bit on Instagram for a couple years (even planned to do a maternity shoot that ended up not panning out), and finally we were able to set up some time to do her family photos out in the Tremonton, Utah area. They built their house on a huge, gorgeous piece of land where they raise their cute kiddos, horses, goats, bunnies, kitties, and dogs. I was absolutely obsessed with everything on their property. Minus all the midges that ate me alive and gave me welts that lasted for days.

Devin picked out the absolute best outfits for all of her family members. They definitely nailed the neutral and earthy tones mixed with the right amount of bold colors. And it all worked perfectly together with the landscape of their property. We drove down to their main pasture area with all of their gorgeous horses following close behind us. The open field was lined in the back by the perfect trees to filter the harsh sunset light. We then moved over to shoot a little bit by the river that borders their property.

The kids all loved showing me their favorite spots throughout the evening. We ended the night with the kids and Devin hopping up on the horses and riding around for a bit. I loved watching the kiddos interact with all of their favorite horses, and how gentle the horses were with all of them. Having the horses there with Devin and her family for their photos added such a magical element to their family’s story. Its definitely a session I won’t soon forget!

So, did you fall in love with this session as much as I did? Ready to book your family photos with me here in gorgeous Utah? Let’s chat!

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