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Getting your boudoir photos done can be a really scary and stressful thing. You’re putting your most intimate self out there, and being completely bare is not an easy thing. I’ve had my own boudoir photos taken a few times, and it still makes me nervous. But as a Utah boudoir photographer, I’ve got some tips for you to help make your session run smoothly and be an amazing experience for you!

Tip 1: Outfit Selection

Choosing what you’re going to wear for your boudoir session can honestly make or break your session. Things that work well for every sized client are bodysuits and classic bra and panties. But these definitely don’t have to be boring! Blacks, reds, and pinks are super popular, but if you want to incorporate fun colored lingerie, totally go for it! Adding in fun elements like sequins, lace, leather, latex, body jewelry, etc are a fun way to spice up your wardrobe. But I also want to mention sizing! Make sure that what you wear fits perfectly and doesn’t pinch or dig into your body. If in doubt, size up! That will create beautiful silhouettes for you, and fewer lines and marks on your body that need to be edited out later. Plus you’ll definitely be more comfortable.

Here’s a couple places I love to get lingerie from that aren’t Victoria’s Secret: Shein, The Red Fox in Logan Utah, ASOS, Yandy, Mentionables, Thistle and Spire, and many other shops!

Tip 2: Body Preparation

As for presentation tips, I would highly avoid anything like spray tans or tanning beds for at least a few days before your session, if at all. Your skin will likely be more red or orange than normal, and it honestly doesn’t look super awesome if you don’t normally go fake tanning. Your skin looks perfect as is, promise. Things to also consider would be shaving or waxing. Again, if you don’t normally shave or wax your bikini area, you don’t want to start right before your session. Its much easier for me to edit out stray hairs than it is to edit out razor bumps or inflamed skin from harsh waxing. In general, if you don’t normally do specific types of maintenance to your body, don’t start right before your session!

Tip 3: Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup can be such a confidence booster for your session! Having a professional makeup artist highlight all your best features can really make your pictures pop. However, don’t feel like you need to get professional hair and makeup done if you don’t want to. If you usually go more bare-faced and you’re more comfortable that way, come that way! But I would at least come with at least mascara, blush, and lipgloss or more neutral lipstick. A little bit of makeup can go a long way when it comes to pictures!

Tip 4: Take Care of Your Body!

You want to make sure your body is in top shape for getting pictures done! You’ll want to make sure to drink plenty of water and eating lighter meals or snacks. This helps reduce bloating, which can be uncomfortable for you when shooting. You’ll most likely be getting into positions that your body isn’t super used to, so some light stretching beforehand is a good idea too. Make sure to try and get a good night’s sleep as well the night before your session! Being well rested will help you be less stressed!

Tip 5: Leave the Negativity at the Door

As women, we tend to be very critical of ourselves. If you’re a millenial like me, you likely grew up in a time when attitudes towards women’s bodies were incredibly toxic. You still see a lot of that toxicity everywhere on the internet. And that internal critic you have is an issue as well! I can promise you this, if you bring that internal critic with you, you’re going to hate your session. I know it is SO hard to not focus on what you perceive as your flaws. But please try to focus on what you love about yourself and your body! Be kind to yourself and speak about your body in a positive and nurturing way. I’m here to be your personal cheerleader and hype girl. You already look amazing as you are, and I am here to help you remember that! You’re gonna feel amazing after your session when you get that reminder that you are a goddess ❤️

So that’s my top 5 most useful tips to make sure you have an awesome session with me! If you’ve got questions or you’re ready for me to be your Utah boudoir photographer, let’s chat! I can’t wait to work with you!


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